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At MedSentrix, quality of transcription is our main focus. We've met and exceed AAMT standards by maintaining a 99.6% and above accuracy. To ensure we have the highest level of quality, we have a 3 point quality assurance process:

  • The first step of quality assurance is done by transcriptionists themselves. Medical transcriptionists double check their reports after transcribing to check for spelling and grammar.
  • The second step of quality assurance is done by Proofreaders. Proofreaders are Sr Medical Transcriptionists having at least 3 years of experience as MT. Proofreaders check for spelling and grammatical errors which might have missed by the MTs and to make sure all client specifications are covered.
  • The third level of quality assurance is undertaken by the Quality Analysts who are certified medical transcriptionists with more than 5 years of experience as Proofreader/MT. The QA goes through each report while listening to the original dictations checking for context errors and assist MT's and Proofreaders when needed.
All of MedSentrix transcriptionists are professionals with a bachelors' degree in the medical field, e.g. nursing, physical therapy, medical technology. They are proficient and well versed with AAMT guidelines, spellings, grammar, and medical terminology. They are office-based working on shifts to offer you the highest quality, guaranteed delivery transcription service.

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